Entry #1


2010-10-13 15:36:37 by kashidoodles

Please visit me on Deviantart, if you get the chance. :3

Mah Deviantart Linkercakes


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2011-01-22 01:22:48

you are amazing i love your work and i hope you make many many more awesome drawings! =D

kashidoodles responds:

XD Aww, thank you so much. (Just saw this months after you posted it. ^^; )


2011-03-10 23:08:19

I just noticed something... most of the professional Dragon artists are more likely to be female artists. I have yet to find another male dragon artist. Oh well, they would put down some stereotypical concept of the knight kills dragon bullshit. But your work is good. Good luck.

kashidoodles responds:

Really? Probably because Dragons are usually depicted as crazy but still awesome murderous beings.
I prefer them as noble intelligent creatures. :3

But thank you. ^w^


2011-05-25 01:23:56

I bet you're a hottie.

Also...you need to seriously update on your blog.

Just talk about life and junk.

kashidoodles responds:

Er, thanks?

And no, I don't update my life, sorry. I have real life friends for that, this is solely for my art.


2011-09-16 22:34:56

i cant find your P.H.W. ._.